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Innovative Corporate Performance Management

Corporate Performance Management - Best Practices

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Five Key Principles of CPM author Bob Paladino shares book royalties with the United Flight 93 Tower of Voices Memorial. It contains 40 wind chimes; sounds in the wind are a living memory of the 40 persons honored many of whose last contact was through their voices. To express your appreciation, please go to

Five Key Principles of Corporate Performance Management

Best Practices from Malcolm Baldrige, Balanced Scorecard Hall of Fame, Sterling, Fortune 100, APQC and Forbes Award Winners

By Bob Paladino

What do award-winning commercial, public and non-profit enterprises know that eludes most of today’s executives? How do they organize and conduct themselves to accelerate and achieve outsized results? What core processes and best practices do they leverage? Learn the key principles of executing strategy from the executives directly in Five Key Principles of Corporate Performance Management. Author Bob Paladino will share book royalties with the United Flight 93 Tower of Voices Memorial, see

Why Read This Book?

Executives today are expected to demonstrate results faster than ever before reports Booz Allen Hamilton Survey, Fortune Magazine and HR Magazine. Five Key Principles not only chronicles innovative best practices from award winning company executives, but also brings you a proven implementation model that has accelerated breakthrough results.

Five Key Principles researched over 40 award winning organizations and moves well beyond traditional Strategy and Balanced Scorecard "how to" books and offers a fresh approach to integrating proven methodologies. The book illustrates how to employ the Five Key Principles and dozens of best practices that all high performing enterprises practice:

Chapter topics include: Why Traditional Management Methods Fail; How to Effectively Implement & Manage your Strategy; How to Establish a Successful CPM Office; How Leaders Leverage Customer Intelligence; How to Integrate Rewards, Recognition & Scorecards to Motivate Employees; How to Leverage GE & Motorola Six Sigma to Drive Results; and many others.

“The measure of success is not whether you have a problem to deal with, but whether it’s the same problem you had last year.”
       - J. F. Dulles

Praise from Industry and Thought Leaders for Five Key Principles

FIVE KEY PRINCIPLES presents guidance for the design, development, and implementation of a strategic planning and control system. Such a system leads toward better strategic decisions, competitive advantage, and increased profitability. Drawing on his profuse knowledge and extensive practical experience, Bob Paladino conveys a lively coverage of essential ideas and examples of ways to improve performance.
-Charles T. Horngren, Professor Emeritus, Stanford University

“Paladino [Bob] effectively leverages his considerable knowledge and experience as a management consultant and chief performance officer at Crown Castle to produce a compelling case for a Corporate Performance Management office. The CPM office becomes the focal point for translating strategic intent to operational actions. The concept is enriched by the book’s excellent examples from both private and public sector organizations.”
-Dr. Robert S. Kaplan, Harvard Business School; Co-Developer of Balanced Scorecard, Strategy Focused Organization, and Activity-Based Costing

“Read this book if you want a practical guide—based on real experience—to take your organization to higher levels of performance.”
-Carla O’Dell, President American Productivity and Quality Center (APQC)

“Bob Paladino’s observations and principles are firmly rooted in the Kaplan/Norton Strategy Focused Organization (SFO) methodology. Bob is to be congratulated for his creative extension of these principles and for the illustrative cases provided. He has successfully walked the tightrope of theory and practice – a good read.”
- David P. Norton, Co-Inventor Balanced Scorecard and Strategy Focused Organization Concepts, Boston, Massachusetts

“Lots of organizations are measuring performance, but few succeed in effectively managing performance. This timely book contains time tested insight from leading companies and provides a ‘how-to’ guide for jumpstarting performance improvement initiatives in your organization.”
-Carl DeMaio, President and Founder The Performance Institute and American Strategic Management Institute (ASMI)

“This book is emblematic of Bob’s considerable expertise in organizing a company around the Strategy Focused Organization approach using the Balanced Scorecard Method. As founder, chairman and CEO of Crown Castle International (CCI:NYSE) I hired Bob as a consultant to lead a program to initiate CCI on the SFO method. He later joined CCI and led a successful organizational transformation to a much more efficient global platform in the telecommunications industry.

I am now chairman and majority shareholder of two international organizations; one in the multi-jurisdictional payroll arena and another in the aerospace industry and Bob is successfully transforming those companies into Strategy Focused Organizations. He is probably THE most knowledgeable and experienced individual in implementing the SFO approach to better organizational efficiency given his hands on experience and his considerable knowledge of accounting and finance as a CPA. “
-Ted B. Miller, Jr., Chairman M7 Aerospace and Chairman Imperium International

“This book brings strategy to life through real-life application and provides the road map needed to truly unite a company in its objectives. Bob Paladino’s method encourages team work, cross functional thinking and drives company success.”
- Preston Atkinson, Chief Operating Officer, Whataburger, Inc.

“Bob Paladino has taken a balanced approach of taking all attributes of high performing businesses and turning them from theory to practical application. His book also discusses a step by step approach by using case studies which, if followed, will help organizations get to the maturity level in a timely manner”.
-Ashok G. Vadgama, President Center for Advanced Management Institute (CAM-I)”

"All companies today are looking for sustainable competitive advantages - which are more difficult to achieve. Consistent execution in performance and defining the right metrics are critical steps to achieving them. This book provides excellent insights to get you started!"
-Ralph Vasami, President Universal Weather & Aviation

What Organizations did we Study for this Book (sample)?

Alliant Energy, Ameritrade, American Red Cross, Anheuser Busch, Aramco Services Company, Bank of America, Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi, BellSouth Corporation, Bronson Methodist Hospital, California Public Employees’ Retirement System, Canadian Blood Services, Canon, Chrysler Group, City of Coral Springs, Defense Finance and Accounting Service, Federal Reserve Bank, Florida Department of Health, Freddie Mac, Handleman, Hearst Publications, LB Foster Company, Imperium International, Jet Blue, Johnson & Johnson, Key Corp, Hilton Hotels, LL Bean, Lockheed Martin, M7 Aerospace, Medrad, Nabi Pharmaceuticals, Oracle, Raytheon, Ricoh, Saturn, Serono S.A, Sprint-Nextel, State of Washington, Tennessee Valley Authority, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army, U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Navy – Carrier Team One, Whataburger, Inc., The World Bank and others.

“Be great in act, as you have been in thought”
       - William Shakespeare

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