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Our executive education services to leading colleges, non-profit organizations, and corporate universities and teams include:

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“Concrete examples based on his experience”
-Vice President of Strategy, AIM Institute

“Excellent practical, flexible and useful two days. I feel I had my money’s worth on the first day”
-President, Leader One Inc

“Perfect balance between theory and practice”
Chief Corporate Planning NSA (National Security Agency)

“I will be able to look back & apply almost everything learned”
Senior Performance Management Manager, American Red Cross

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Five Key Principles to Corporate Performance Management "Masters" Curriculum.

“Man’s mind, stretched to a new idea, never goes back to its original dimensions” – Oliver Wendell Holmes

Why Take These CPM Masters Classes?

What do award-winning commercial, public and non-profit enterprises know that eludes most of today’s executives? How do Balanced Scorecard Hall of Fame, Malcolm Baldrige, Sterling, Fortune 100, APQC and Forbes Award winners drive value? How do they organize and conduct themselves to accelerate and achieve outsized results? What unique processes and best practices do they leverage? Learn the key principles of executing strategy from the executives directly in the new book, “Five Key Principles of Corporate Performance Management” (Five Key Principles) and in the “Five Key Principles of CPM Masters Courses” integrated set of executive education, practitioner based curriculum.

Five Key Principles of CPM Masters Curriculum provides best practice research from globally recognized enterprises and offers guidance to enable you to rapidly implement your strategy through integrated CPM efforts. Five Key Principles of CPM Masters includes in-depth case studies and best practice research from world-renowned enterprises and insights from executives who have won multiple globally recognized awards. Executives selflessly share key process maps, strategy maps, balanced scorecards, comparative tables, project plans, testimonials, charts, graphs, and screen shots of Balanced Scorecard and KM systems. Five Key Principles also draws from Bob Paladino’s direct executive experience as Vice President leading one of Drs. Kaplan and Norton’s Balanced Scorecard Consulting Practices; Senior Vice President Global Performance at Crown Castle International (Crown); and client, study group and advisory experiences with award winning and high performing organizations.

“Lots of organizations are measuring performance, but few succeed in effectively managing performance. This timely book contains time tested insight from leading companies and provides a ‘how-to’ guide for jumpstarting performance improvement initiatives in your organization.” -Carl DeMaio, President and Founder The Performance Institute and American Strategic Management Institute (ASMI)

What About CPM Course Research?

Bob Paladino was fortunate to participate with executives and leaders from over 40 leading organizations that included Balanced Scorecard Hall of Fame, Baldrige, Sterling, Fortune 100 and APQC Best Practice Partner Award winners; research projects included:

Organizations that won just one of the noted awards would present a rich source of best practices for your CPM program, but we will learn from enterprise executives that have won multiple awards and present a unique opportunity to learn from all their contributions.

“Read this book if you want a practical guide—based on real experience—to take your organization to higher levels of performance.”
-Carla O’Dell, President American Productivity and Quality Center (APQC)

What do the Winners Know?

During the course of the research, study, and many successive client projects, a winning company DNA started to emerge, true winners follows a discernable pattern. These organizations follow a pattern we refer to as the Five Key Principles of CPM within which are dozens of best practices. Case study company executives joined thought leader Bob Paladino, CPA in documenting their core processes and the book and Masters Curriculum clearly document how “they” employ the Five Key Principles: these include and are shown in the diagram below

principles of corporate performance management

How do I complete the CPM Masters Curriculum?

The integrated "CPM Masters" courses can be taken in any order, contact us for custom or onsite versions at

“Paladino [Bob] effectively leverages his considerable knowledge and experience as a management consultant and chief performance officer at Crown Castle to produce a compelling case for a Corporate Performance Management office. The CPM office becomes the focal point for translating strategic intent to operational actions. The concept is enriched by the book’s excellent examples from both private and public sector organizations.”
-Dr. Robert S. Kaplan, Harvard Business School; Co-Developer of Balanced Scorecard, Strategy Focused Organization, and Activity-Based Costing

“This book brings strategy to life through real-life application and provides the road map needed to truly unite a company in its objectives. Bob Paladino’s method encourages team work, cross functional thinking and drives company success.”
- Preston Atkinson, Chief Operating Officer, Whataburger, Inc.

In summary, award winning organizations exhibit unique characteristics in how they approach their CPM programs. The Masters Curriculum provides in depth cases, tools, techniques, templates, methods, inside quotes, and insights to enable your organizations to start its journey to the winners circle.

“Waste no more time talking about great souls and how they should be. Become one yourself! “-Marcus Aurelius Antoninus

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